Torch Fire Enamels! Part Two

Now that you're set up to begin torch firing enameling and also understand the safety issues, let's get started!

It is possible to torch fire almost any and all enameling processes, which in itself is quite exciting.

The best advice I could pass along to you at this point is to avoid disappointment in your firing, test, test, test any colors and color combinations you're not familiar with. Make a small copper strip - maybe 1" x 1" to start. Or if you also want to see how the colors behave over silver or gold foil also while testing, just make the strip longer, maybe 1" x 2". After firing make notations on the back of the strip, or if you're really organized, start a notebook of all your testings and note the failures or disappointments as well as the successes!

Remember from Part One about leaded vs unleaded and how to mix them, if you need/want to - that's very important but if you're testing you'll find out pretty quickly what will or won't work.


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