Care Instructions

Handle jewelry carefully when putting it on or taking it off to avoid dropping it and chipping the enamel.

Wrap enamel jewelry in tissue paper or in the soft bag provided at time of sale, before storing to prevent the glass coating from sustaining chips or scratches.

Wipe the enamel surfaces with a soft cloth to remove dirt and smudges. Microfiber cloths work well.

Rinse with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to pat the enamel jewelry dry.


Always put on your jewelry after applying perfume or hairspray.


Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost quality and care and should last for lifetimes. In the case of any wear and tear over long periods of time, jewelry may be repaired for a fee depending on the nature of the damage and the design of the piece. 


All products are very carefully examined throughout the creation process and upon completion for defects. If an item is damaged or defective when received, please contact me within 7 days of the purchase.