Torch Fire Enamels! Part One

You want to explore the beautiful world of vitreous enamel but not ready to invest in a kiln? Good news - it's very easy, as well as inexpensive, to get started in torch firing enamels!

To get started, you'll need just a few basic items.

I suggest initially getting a self starting torch with your first tank. It allows for single handed starting the flame - much safer and less awkward than having to use both hands to light the torch.

Then a firing tripod with mesh screen and a couple of small metal trivets. These are readily available through any enamel supplier

Most importantly, however, is safety!!!

Make sure your work area is free of any combustible/flammable materials. Work on a fireproof surface. Ceramic tile is a good start. Always, always, always make sure your flame is pointing away from you and be aware of where the flame is pointing as you work. Turn the flame off if you want to examine your work.